Refund Policy

Here is the SEOWithAI-Amin refund policy. 

  1. We shall make a full refund if you cancel the services ordered on or before 5 days of initiating payment. 
  2. If you decide to request a refund after 5 days of making payment for our services, we will charge you an amount equivalent to the number of hours we have invested in the project. We will deduct the money (hours spent on the project) from the money paid into our account while the balance will be deposited into the bank account you made the payment from within 45 days.
  3. Cancellation of service renewal is possible, but it must be done 10 days before the next billing cycle.   
  4. If you initiate cancellation when the next billing cycle has started, you will be billed an amount equivalent to the working hours we have invested in the project. After deducting the hours worked, the remaining balance will be deposited into your account within 45 days. 
  5. If you signed up and ordered our services but have yet to utilize them, we are entitled to payment from you. 
  6. Any refund has to be 45 days after the request has been made. The refund will also be made into the account the payment was made from.    

SEO Refund Policy 

SEOWithAI-Amin will not be liable to issue a refund or guarantee top search ranging under the circumstances stated below. 

  1. Link building: An off-page SEO strategy executed according to the information made available by you. Thus, if the URLs you provide for the project are wrong or incomplete, we will not be held liable for any mistakes or losses incurred, as a result. In addition, we shall not issue a refund. 
  2. If ranking changes due to new updates or changes in search engine algorithms, policies, and functionality, a refund will not be issued. 
  3. SEOWithAI-Amin will not be held liable or issue a refund if a client engages a third-party SEO agency. 
  4. The number of times a website appears on a search list varies, and sudden changes to search ranking is not something we control or can guarantee. 
  5. A refund will not be issued if there is an adverse effect on website ranking due to changes in website content done by the client or a third-party SEO agency hired by the client.  

SEOWithAI-Amin is dedicated to helping businesses succeed online. We want to make your online business more profitable and secure. Our SEO goal is to rank your website in the top 10. However, certain things are beyond our control. While we deploy best SEO practices to achieve our aim, understand that Google makes the final decision on websites it wants to display in the top ten search rank. We will do our best to give you profitable results, but we do not guarantee that your website will make the top ten search rank.

SEOWithAI-Amin reserves the right to change, add, alter, modify, or adjust any section of this refund policy without prior notice. However, we will continue to maintain transparency while delivering quality SEO and WordPress Website Security Services.