Privacy Policy

Welcome to SEOWithAI-Amin, an agency offering professional SEO and WordPress security service. This privacy policy highlights how we intend to collect, process, store, and use your data. We want to ensure you have a wonderful experience navigating our site and ordering our services. 

You agree to comply with the privacy policy herein when you visit and access this website. Discontinue using this site if you do not wish to comply. 

Information We May Request/Collect

1: Personal Information: We may collect your personal information to help us keep you up-to-date with our services. These include information you provide when filling out forms or subscribing to our newsletter. The information provided voluntarily includes Email, contact phone number, name, and others. 

2: Information made available automatically: We may collect specific information from you when you visit this website. Certain information is automatically provided when you visit this website. They include IP address, operating system, browser type, etc. We may require this information to analyze trends, gather demographic details, and track user movement. 

3: Cookies: Cookies are harmless. They are used to track, personalize, and save information about users’ sessions. This website uses cookies, and accepting cookies will enable the entire site content to be displayed on your screen. 

Cookies are small data files stored on your device. They enable us to analyze sections of the sites you visit, your preferences and help us serve you better. 

How We Use Your Data

1: Delivering Improved Services: Access to your data enables us to understand your preferences, respond to your inquiries, and deliver personalized services. It enables us to improve our website and serve you better 

2: Updates and Deals: The information we get from you allows us to send you updates on deals, newsletters, notifications, reminders, and blog posts. We may deliver these updates via the Email provided when subscribing to our newsletter.

You can opt out if you do not wish to continue receiving news updates and other notifications from us. 

3: Analysis and Tracking: The information we get from you allows us to analyze demographics, trends, and how you interact or use this website to serve you better. 

Data Security And Disclosure

We are committed to securing your data using industry-standard security tools and techniques. We will not disclose your information to a third party unless required by the law or if doing so can help us deliver better services to you. 

Here are the conditions under which we may disclose your information to a third party. 

1: Legally requested: We may release your data to third parties when required by the law. These include law enforcement agents or a competent court of law. 

2: Service providers: We may provide the most trusted service providers that enable us to run our website efficiently and deliver improved services to you and access to your data.

Links To Third-Party Sites

You may find links to third-party sites on this platform. Note that we do not have control or influence over the content on those third-party sites. We will not be held liable for any loss, damage, pain, disappointment, or setback experienced because of your visit and use of third-party sites. 

Change To Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, modify, alter, add, remove, rearrange, or suspend the information on this privacy policy without prior notice to users. Please visit this privacy policy section occasionally to get updates. 

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